Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Totally regretting, "Sure honey, go ahead and try to make lunch," the jelly explosion.

"How did you get jelly EVERYWHERE?"

"I don't really know," he purses lips, wrinkles forehead, "I wasn't really watching." Decidedly. I plop the jelly knife in the sink, break out the wet-wipes.

Now the boy's cutting a little-sucker-thing the baby can bite on out of scrap fabric. "Can you sew this for Rosie, Momma?" He flits at my elbow. I sigh, crooked edges, shining blue eyes. "Momma?"

Janie whispers in my ear her that she'll make a whip for the cousins. "They'll LOVE it," she says. Lulie unloads the freezer ice machine, toddles in, an ice cube frozen to her lip.

They wave by in shifts. "Now we have all the whips that we'll need," one of them says. "Can we use the pins? When will you sew them, Momma."

The world swings like a ball on a string.

All that Christmas spirit. Sigh. I almost missed it.


Heather said...

Pure sweetness. We really do have to "look" to feel sometimes, don't we?
Love the squished eye photo :)

amy in peru said...

mmm... my day felt a lot like this today, though I didn't handle it quite as 'in the spirit' as you did...

thanks for the reminder. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh friend, YES. Understood.

Miss you.

Daniel and Cerissa said...

How did she KNOW that the boys have been wanting a whip? Oh wait. I don't want to know.


Craig and Bethany said...

Hahaha! Apparently they're the rage this year. She made one for Lucy, who was of course, ECSTATIC. So naturally the boys will need one too. :)

Daddy play-whips them with his socks in the mornings so the comment, "Here Lucy, it's for your babies!" made total sense. Ha-ha!

keLi said...

In 3-year-old discipline mode, I'd be afraid to have a whip on the premises around here. :)

Love knowing that your Rosie and my Nellie are in the same drooly, beautiful stage. Here's to sending damp gifts this season!

emily wierenga said...

lol... beautiful, whimsical, and i can hear your tired gasps, your love, your sweet love for your children but your need for rest. i hope you find this, sweet bethany. yes, sigh indeed. i've been doing a lot of sighing today. my son dumped the diaper bucket across our living room carpet. he enjoyed it thoroughly. i sighed. :) love you friend. thank you for your beautiful spirit. (just so you know, this was the final imperfect prose until the new year. merry christmas!)

Goat said...

Just curious--what are you making whips out of, did I miss that? With a grandad who can snap a dish towel so that it sounds like a gun, I know it is in their genes hahahah.

Love the jelly incident. reminds me of a certain salad dressing incident hahahaha.

alittlebitograce said...

i love the stories about your children and how beautifully you write them!