Monday, December 27, 2010


"Can you carry me upstairs?" Jack pulls Daddy's elbow.

Daddy gathers him up all lanky limbs and wiggles. "Yeah, I can carry you upstairs because I am a big strong man like you," he says.

Little boy smiles, lays a cheek on Daddy's chest. "Well," the boy says, "I'm only half a big strong man right now," and he rides Daddy's arms to the top.


Heather said...

Precious. Won't be long before he CAN carry his Daddy. I know you're soaking up the days of his youth.

You have such beautiful lighting around your home. Your photos are always so lovely.

Hope you had a great Christmas :)

Goat said...

Perfect picture of how we are with God. Their first glimpses of what their heavenly father is like are godly and true. Great blessing.