Monday, December 20, 2010

A Horse

"I'd rather have a horse than a coon hound," Jane blurts between chapters of Where the Red Fern Grows. And then at night she prays God will send her a horse. "Probably not what you wanted," she sighs to me, "but I did it," prayed for a horse.

"If I had my horse," she adds later, "we could just ride my horse around the block and that would be the funnest." She sweeps curls out of her eyes. "And when I pull left, he would go left. And when I pull right, he would go right."

"Yeah." Jack nods and zips his coat up. They tromp out to fill the yard with tracks and snow angels.

A horse. When I was all of six I prayed for a piano.

Who knows? Maybe God will send a horse.


Heather said...

Does it seem like I'm always on the computer? Ha ha! I latch onto your blog so quickly, don't I? Fact is, it sits in my main room and keeps me notified of new posts just to inspire me during the day:)

I prayed for a horse my whole life and my sister got one when we grew up. Now I can enjoy hers without cleaning up after it!
Love your photos!

Goat said...

You still are playing that piano you prayed for. Ohhh the Lord knows how to give good gifts!

Pig Woman said...

Hey, Bethany. We opened your canned goods at our tree decorating party and they were such a treat! Thank you so much!

You know Miss Sophie prayed for a kitty, and wished for a kitty for something like 6 of her birthday wishes, but her momma was very allergic and got asthma from kitties. Then a year and a half ago a stray kitty started sneaking in our dog door at night. The girls found him living in the culvert across our street and finally coaxed him out. Miraculously, I was not allergic to him. Grrgie, a big fat, long-haired, orange kitty now sleeps with Sophie every night, and she loves him with all her heart. And not only am I not allergic to kitties anymore, I am not allergic to anything anymore. Ya! You know our family. Amazing. The Lord does indeed know how to give good gifts!

Craig and Bethany said...

A.MAZ.ING. Indeed. He does give good, good gifts. Hug those girls for me and kiss that kitty. No allergies?! Quite a miracle in our indeed.

And so happy you like the canned goods!

Rachelle said...

Hmmm...I'm curious to see how God answers this prayer!