Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Recently, Janie wanted to know about wearing goggles if she was baptized. Then, she wondered why they didn't just chop down the tree of knowledge of good and evil back in Eden. A few days later she asked how God and Jesus talk to each other if they are all in one. She never questions the character of God, only her understanding of him - only her own smallness.

Ever since she found out that God rewards what is done in secret, she keeps asking, "Can I do something to earn secret treasure? I want my treasure to be in heaven." She dumped a dirty diaper for me the other day, even swallowed a gag as she did it. She said she did it for Jesus. A smile twiggled at the corner of her mouth - pleasure!

Sometimes she reads stories to the nativity baby Jesus. "He is the one that I worship," she says.

In her words, "The best thing about the Bible is just God." Yes, maybe that's it. Maybe that's what we're supposed to get from the whole long saga of salvation.


Ben and Rachelle said...

Wow! She is an amazing little girl. Wish I understood half the stuff she does when I was her age. Kudos to you and Craig for leading the way!

Daniel and Cerissa said...

Love that picture of Emma :)