Monday, January 26, 2009

A Day in Pieces

Jack leaves piles all over the house. Sometimes it is orange peels other times mismatched socks. Then there is the occasional Cheerio-blankie-pillow tower or train-track-Leggo-fruit salad. We seem to have finally ousted the rouge cheese cube. I hope.

"I give Lulu meat. Lulu want meat." Well, he's nothing if not generous. I turn my back for a second and Jack gently shovels new flavors into Lucy's mouth. Lentil sausage soups is a big hit.

Janie is helpful. "I know what customers are. It's a thing that looks like a person, but it's just a fake thing that they killed." Ha-ha, ever feel that way?

This morning she mentioned, "When I think people aren't watching me I think, 'It's a good idea to disobey because then they won't spank me.'" Well, no sense in mincing words.


Olson Family said...

Israel and I are reading your blog together. She laughed about Jane's comment about disobeying when no one is looking. Before she was done chuckling, she said, "I think she's not very smart." Phew! I was wondering what kind of ideas were going through her head!

~ Sharon

Goat said...

Yes indeed, I have been that customer. The older you get the more invisible you become, oh never mind.....

Send Jack over to my studio--all his stacks need are a little wire to hold it all together hahaha. ART