Monday, January 5, 2009

The Good Life

Tonight Craig shoveled thigh-deep snow off our roof.
It took awhile.
We missed him.

Our accomplishments?

~I stepped on a tube of lotion and squeezed hand cream on the carpet.
~Lulu attempted to eat her eye patch half a dozen times.
~The children served her and themselves Cheerios on the kitchen floor.
~I kicked down an ill place Leggo tower.
~Janie prayed that Jesus will help our world go well.
~I wrestled a crumbly potpie crust in place after 45 minutes.
~The kids had a dance contest.
~Lulu and I busted moves across the living room until we were dizzy and giggling.
~Finally, we had dinner at bedtime and Daddy came inside.


Lori said...

What a night! It is a good life - though the guys may not be thinking that while they're spending hours on the roof and shoveling the driveway...

Ben and Rachelle said...

It's not just the guys shoveling the roofs - I've got swelled biceps to prove it! Dancing until your dizzy and giggling sounds like much more fun!

Kathy said...

When I think of daddy coming in from the cold... to a warm house full of love and warm pot pie! Yes indeed! It is a GOOD LIFE!

Blessings on you sweetie!
with love from Minnesota!

Mo & Barbi said...

aaaahh, dinner at bedtime, that sounds all too familiar!

The Lochheads said...

Bethany! I love your rocks on the sides of your blog! I remember that you love striped rocks. How in the world did you find those? So great.

Love the run-down of the night's activities. What great memorable moments. We can empathize with Craig's roof efforts. Jeff's shoveled two and is hoping to help our neighbor with hers tonight. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL snow.

Have a great Tuesday! LE

Nelson and Karina Bell said...

Good luck with all of the snow! I have heard that it is crazy. Reading your blog entry reminds me to enjoy each precious moment with my daughter even if days can be full of funny mishaps. :)

Heather said...

Do you have this much fun every night? I bet everyone sleeps well after laughing and playing so hard during the day. Love it!