Sunday, October 31, 2010

Indomitable Spirit

She almost electrocuted herself this week that after she pinned herself under a printing press. This one seems poised for action.


290. The moon-shaped bruise on Lulie's chin -- all that's left after Janie muscled the press off her sister.

291. Jane's careful blink-blink at me when I tell her, "You're earning trust, honey."

292. Jack's nuzzle in my face when I say I'm not mad, puzzle pieces forgotten.

293. The smudgy outfit Myra wore to church.

294. The crew of kids that pulled me past breakfast bowls and into the car this morning, drippy nose and head cold not withstanding.

295. The carpet husband unfurled in the basement for me, the re-roll and cut to fit part included.

296. His gravity defying will to keep doing nice things for me.

297. Our warm fire and popcorn-picnic.

298. How the children cheered when I suggested dilly beans.

299. Another puzzle. Yup. 500 pieces of the Rocky Mountains reflected in a mountain stream.

300. How the children find puzzle pieces for each other to put in. "Here Lulie, you can push this one in."

301. Sudafed. The real stuff.

302. Baby who nurses well and can say a whole sentence in an eye-blink.

303. A good, good life full of all the important things. The way good things make you feel rested inside even when you're exhausted.

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Amy in Peru said...

I love how you see things...

I cannot stay away.


amy in peru

Southern Gal said...

That picture...

Heather said...

Love it, love it, love it. Each one on your list was amazing! Love the nestle into you as you weren't mad. Love the smudgy clothes... can realate to that! Love the Sudafed... happening here too (see, we're not so far apart... got the same germs :)
Enjoy your week.
Love, Heather

Misty said...

love love love your last one .... it is seeing rightly that changes everything, isn't it!? rerolled carpet, head colds, and baby boo boos and all!!!!

Daniel and Cerissa said...

#1 I cannot wait to see the carpet laid down.
#2 I cannot wait to eat popcorn in front of your fire
#3 Sorry about the head cold, thinking we passed that one on to you (can you take Sudafed while nursing??? I missed the boat on that one, better luck next time :)

Craig and Bethany said...

YES!! Come for popcorn! And Sudafed, totally. :)

Goat said...

Gravity defying love. It's like a ball you all toss back and forth. No one letting it hit the ground.

And when it flies out of reach--forgiveness:the all powerful updraft.

emily wierenga said...

oh! how your heart must have leapt and your soul wept seeing her lying there under that press... all my love, sweet bethany sister. (mind if i come for popcorn, too? :))

Lori said...

Re: 303... *yes*. :)

Craig and Bethany said...

Yes, Em! I mean, no, come!

Rhonda Schrock said...

I love your list, Mama. Hope you're feeling better.

Rachelle said...

Sounds like you need to have a popcorn party in front of your fireplace!!