Saturday, September 25, 2010


"Hey Momma," Jane swallows a last potato soup bite, "I want to grow strong, healthy, and whole to help other people grow strong healthy and whole."

Hm. Me too.

She clanks a bowl into the dishwasher and runs after Jack. "I won the battle," she hollers.

They tangle into jammies and gallop to the bathroom for toothbrushes. I wipe down the table.

Emmanuel. He received a unit of blood. He's stronger, but weak yet. They hope to get another unit. Soon.

They make do there in the hospital. They encircle gangrenous limbs, flies and all, with prayer. They bathe fevered brows with words to God. To God! And we pray too, half a world away. Lord, let it be good blood.

Craig's mom donates blood as often as they let her. Platelets too. Why, she's probably given gallons and gallons by now. Never really realized what a gift blood is.

"I'm gonna pray about 'Manwell even though I prayed about it at lunch and in my room." Jack squeezes my neck, "God, please heal Emmanuel. Amen."

And amen.


Emmanuel has discharged from the Hospital. He has improved!!
Thank-you, Jesus. THANK-YOU.


Goat said...

A short letter from Grace:

Thank you so much for your prayers. Emmanuel has already been discharged from the Hospital. He has improved.

God bless


Craig and Bethany said...


His care is soo GOOD.
Thank-you, THANK-YOU Jesus.

jeana said...

Praise You Jesus! thank you for the update, still praying.

Heather said...

You make life with little kids so very real in your writing.
Lifting up Emmanuel.

Love, Heather
p.s. I want Janie's hair :)

Heather said...

Just read the update.
Praise God!

emily wierenga said...

oh, i've been praying hard... praise God. i love how the water shimmers in the photo. and i love how beautiful your children's hearts... the love of God abides.

Daniel and Cerissa said...

Wooowhee! Praise Jesus!!! Isn't He wonderful to give our children (and us) glimpses of the power of prayer?!