Sunday, August 22, 2010


The girls cut bookmarks for Jack.

Jane traces a pattern, pins pieces of scrap fabric. She trims edges -- orange stripes, grey dogs and green mint. I zigzag down uneven sides. Janie pokes pins back into a big strawberry pin cushion.

Then Jack turns 4, waves those orange stripes like a birthday streamer. "For my BIBLE!" he cries and flops the Bible open, squinches that bookmark down to the Bible spine. He slaps it closed, "There."

There. With a grin the morning tumbles to motion as if bookmarks could carry the day.


145. More watermelon. And how husband towers up juicy red cubes in cereal bowl until I think no more will fit.

146. My newest nephew born healthy and whole.

147. His momma who brings over a brood of boys to play and play and play and my children never think it is enough.

148. How my boy promised, eyes all earnest, that he really did NOT know you're NOT supposed to spit half-chewed sandwich out to impress the guests.

149. Little baby who sleeps on the floor when I forget to whisk her to bed to nap.

150. How husband made a bumper pool table vanish from my schoolroom in exchange for a haircut. And my HUGE smile.

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Misty said...

what a great list! from babies to hubbies, and the delights in between!

the o's said...

could jane be ANY CUTER?! the answer is no. she is so adorable and that wild hair makes her even more scrumptious. love your stories and the gratitude list!

Kim Hyland said...

"morning tumbles to motion as if bookmarks could carry the day." I really like that line. And I LOVE #148 :)

Goat said...

I love you. I love Mondays. Always a blog entry. Never have to wonder--there are always things to be thankful for. And that husband of yours, idn't he peach!

Bon said...

Bookmarks and watermelon... what a fantastic day! My boys aren't the only ones who forget their manners while dazzling guests with a view of partially chewed food? What great company we keep in this world of blogging;)

emily wierenga said...

as if bookmarks could carry the day... i needed this today. oh, your comment on beauty left me breathless, bethany... you are so good to me. wish you could come for tea. :) xo

Michelle G said...

Great very many things to be thankful for ;)
Beautiful pics! So glad to have found stopped by your place!