Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Jane, Jack, and Lulie throw rocks in the creek. And Myra sleeps. Daddy skips the smooth ones. Grampa hunts more stones, tethers Patty-dog on her leash.

And Myra sleeps.

"I know where you are from," Jack says to baby. "You're from Momma's tummy."

Janie turns, "She's from God," she drawls. "She's not from Momma's tummy."

From God.



JoAnn said...

I love how she sleeps.
I mean, so fresh from God and what does she do? Sleep.
Because, it's not time yet...it's time for sleep. And, babies know that. They rest. Why can't we? :) Love this post and the picture.
Great. now I want a baby. again.

emily wierenga said...

oh, your janie is so wise and beautiful. i cherish her, and your words.

where do you live, friend? i would love to have you over, and watch our kids change the world together. xo

Heather said...

What a little china doll. Won't your kids be so thankful you've kept all their sayings in your heart and writing? :)

Goat said...

And yet I understand Jack. So much depends on a visual-- a kind of confirmation grow, growing. Yes, Myra came from God but Jack was not wrong. He just started in a different place.

My older sister always gave the more cogent answer than mine (I am middle child of 5. I always felt a little cheated out of the truth I presented.

Craig and Bethany said...

Good point.

Ben and Rachelle said...

Two childern. Two different perspectives. Neither incorrect. The beauty of individuality.

deb said...

how blessed you are.
babies are made for gazing and a kissing and holding.

do enjoy every sacred moment.

( and your comment on Em's song...about not having a sister. It is something that's been on my mind lately, so I just wanted to send a heartfelt hug in this. and I have four girls . who knew. and I do feel that I have sisters in a way thru blogging and some IRL friends. But still....)

emily wierenga said...

i hope you will join imperfect prose next week, sister-friend. xo

Lori said...

What a gorgeous picture! Totally captures the quiet contentment of your heart, if that makes any sense. ;)