Sunday, July 25, 2010

When You Get Big

"And when Lulie gets bigger, she'll get to decide too."

Jane turns to Lulie, "When you get older," she says, "I want you to say, 'Jesus, please come into my heart. Amen.'" Lulie takes another bite of sandwich. Jelly blobs out the side onto her plate. "And he will take ALL the bad guys," Jane tilts her head, "to a naughty place, and he'll take you to a good place."

Lulie swallows, "The donut store."


"Grammie's house."



Jane scoops up her sandwich and bites the corner. They eat down to crumbs and lick their fingers, wipe their faces and tumble out into the afternoon with brother.

I rearrange the dishwasher. Heaven. Wish I could wrap my mind around that.


105. The old hymns.

106. Fresh strawberries, sliced and frozen.

107. Baby fallen asleep in my arms.

108. Husband's big brown chair. And how he sat on the floor when I fell asleep too.

109. Summer birthday parties, family and the chorus of encouragement as we take turns to say what we've noticed about each other this past year.

110. My momma moved to tears at almost every one.

110. How Dad shakes his head at the end, amazed at the God-work in each of us. Us too. Like my brother says, "Makes getting a year older worth it." Such riches.

111. Husband's mother who finds blueberry plants on sale and shares the secret.

112. Husband's father who always says, "Come down anytime." And how it feels like home.

113. Little boy who begs to pull weeds in my garden.

114. Drippy ice cream cones.

115. Summer hours that linger with my children on the swings out back.

116. Husband who laughs at the beans I cook down to smoke and have to throw out.

117. The pickled asparagus and olives we served instead.

118. Muffin tins shaped like bugs.

119. More puzzles.

120. A date card to a restaurant!

121. A canvas photo of our kids.

122. How my children always forgive me when I ask.

123. That my parents always seemed more afraid of offending God than me.

124. The rich, rich love of parents on both sides of our family. Riches untold.

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Heather said...

A beautiful, beautiful list! Oh, how #122 resonates so loudly with me... and speaks volumes on this early Monday morning! And the rich, rich family love and the celebrating and the rejoicing and the *living*... thank you for sharing it all! I'm walking away... blessed!

Josh and Kelly said...

these moments fleet... and I, like you, am trying to soak em up :) blessings on your journey

Anonymous said...

Great list...thank you for sharing. #105 & #106 are my favorites. Have a blessed day!

keLi said...

loved this post. we're having those "when you get bigger ..." conversations around here, too. it's amazing -- what those tinies can sometimes teach us about theology.

emily wierenga said...

oh i laughed out loud at this one! at the donut shop... then grandma's... then heaven... and it helped me understand paradise better! through a child's eyes... thank you, friend.

Ben and Rachelle said...

Your house is like a treasure chest - each day you discover new riches. Thanks for sharing them with all of us. Your posts sure do put life into perspective.

I love that Lulie thinks the bad guys are going to the donut store. I always knew donuts were bad for you!! :)

Natalie said...

A beautiful list! I join you in giving thanks for the forgiveness we receive from our children. I too often need it!

Annesta said...

Such a beautiful, heart felt post. Don't you just love the way kids explain the most difficult things in the simplest terms?
I join you in gratitude for old hymns, baby fallen asleep in you arms, and for the legacy of our parents...their love and nurturing that prepared us to love and nurture our kids.

amy said...

Such a beautiful story. Oh what these dear young ones show us, how absolutely precious their hearts are.

In the middle of writing this comment, my baby awoke, and rocking him back to sleep I remembered your list and praised God. Thank You God, for baby falling asleep in my arms!

Goat said...

I love that you don't miss a thing.

Lori said...

What a lovely exchange. And your thankful list... a treasure. Love each and every one.

Melissa | Madabella: made beautiful said...

love those tender moments when the eyes of my children have the glimmer only found in my Father's eyes...

i really need to try out Ann's Multitudes one of these days!