Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Colds

"Janie, have your ears been plugged?" I snuff and cough into my elbow. She peddles her red bike.


"Oh, I didn't realize it was so bad. Now mine are totally plugged too. I should have been nicer to you guys."

She coasts a moment, "I bet God was just trying to say, 'Bethany, hmm, are you treating them the right way?'"

I catch her profile in the evening sun, "Huh. I was just thinking the SAME thing."



emily wierenga said...

oh bethany, how you capture the Christ in the everyday. how you make me think. how you honor me by linking up... thank you, sister. xo

patty said...

beautiful...f rom the mouths of babes... your babes are beautiful, btw... :)

deb said...

oh, this made me think of times when mine were small, and I'd be so harsh, and short and impatient with their change of moods, not realizing they were sick.


joanny said...

Loving kindness -- goes a long way, it reminds me of a haiku poem

I killed an ant
My three children
were watching me.

Our behavior is important how we react for we are modeling for the future generation.

came by emilys thursday

Southern Gal said...

You've taught her well, Mom. Gotta love it when God speaks through your children.

Claudia said...

always amazing how god speaks to us in most ordinary situations..well captured

Heather said...

Now THAT is some pretty insightful words from a little girl. Good reminder here, too :)

Leslie said...

Just stopped by while perusing the Imperfect Prose links. I loved this. So simple. So true.

And how well these few words have illustrated the love and trust in your relationship with your daughter.

Lori said...

So glad to hear that you're on the mend. Guess one of the nice things about summer colds (?!?!) is that they make you slow down for a moment during a typically busy time. Love you!