Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Real Gentle

Jack finds me out on the couch. I squeeze my eyes shut and sigh. Nap's over.

"Momma." I sit up and wedge a pillow in my back. He sidles up next to me.

"Hi, bud." We sit and stare into space, snuggle. I check my watch. We stare some more.

He nuzzles his face to me and squeezes my arm, "I'll hold you really gentle," he says, "because I know you have a baby in your tummy." He looks up, "I won't forget."

"I know," we smile and then sit some more.

Five more days. Wonder if she'll come on time.


Lori said...

Can't wait to meet your little sweetheart. Better get your coffee order now so I'm ready! :)

Heather said...

Have a wonderful 5 or so days!
God bless you as the baby arrives!

Ben and Rachelle said...

Been thinking about you... I wonder if she'll come on time too! Take care of yourself these last few days. I know your kiddos will take care of you!

Rose Emily said...

i think of you all the time Bethany! Would you let me do a newborn shoot of your little one after shes dying to do a newborn shoot. :) :) :)