Friday, April 9, 2010


"Well Momma, at least we didn't lose Lulie's contact." Jane looks over to me and raises both arms, "What could be worse than that?!"

I sigh.

She walks across the room and leans down on the couch arm. "Momma?"

"I know, honey." She wriggles under my arm and leans in. I kiss her hair.

"Momma, you're bigger than what I did." She kisses my arm.

And as we sit cuddled together I understand why Jesus always forgives me. He's bigger than what I do.


Lori said...

Love these little snapshots, friend.

Goat said...

Clearly. He is bigger than what we do. I love how Emma is able to see the spiritual in everyday life, without making any distinctions. The right connections are there. Reason doesn't interfere.