Sunday, January 17, 2010

These Days...

"Look, I'm dressed," Jane announces.

Jack looks up from a huge floor puzzle, "Hmm. You're pretty, Jane."

She smiles. Half across the room, I feel pretty too.

It's dinner. "Toots are not appropriate dinner conversation, Jack," I say. "Jack?"

Janie raises her eyebrows, "You just whisper, 'Excuse me.'" She smears mayo onto her bread, glances at him.

Jack's all mirth. Sitting up on one knee he leans on an elbow, "Well," he pauses, "I said, 'Excuse me,' in my heart."

"Jane, Janie," Jack calls, "wanna play Jesus-dying-on-the-cross, where I'm Jesus?"

"Yeah, come on!"

Before I know it, they haul off to Pilate, Herod, a cross, resurrection, miracles at my elbow.


Pig Woman said...

I have to say that is the first I have ever heard of the game of Jesus dying on the cross. Your kids delight me, Bethany.

I am thinking about you tonight, and my prayers will be with you and Lucy tomorrow.

Olson Family said...

{long blessed sigh}

Yes, "miracles at my elbow." You remind me to slow down and take notice. Thank you.