Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Before surgery.

Waiting to leave.

Relatively un-phased by the whole thing.


Waking up. Slow. Post-op.

Ready for food again.

{Sigh} Thank-you, LORD!

First thing, our surgeon said the cataract was much bigger than expected once he opened the eye. It's amazing she could see so well. The Lord is good. Thank-you for your love and prayers. Now contacts and patching and grace. Day by day. Thanks.


Heather said...

What an absolute sweetheart!

Your post is so uplifting through your difficult experience. That's God's grace...

Sending a hug your way.

Pig Woman said...

Love both of your smiles on the last pic. The happy ending. And thanks for letting us know so soon that everything went AOK. Love you all!

Ben and Rachelle said...

YIPPIE! WAHOO! HOORAY! THANK YOU, JESUS! Sounds like the surgery was absolutely a necessity. So glad to see the smiles! Thank you for keeping us all in the loop!

Couggal44 said...

I am so happy that everything went well for that adorable, baby girl! She's such a trooper and is so lucky to have such a wonderful family, surgeon and support system. Thanks for the update! Love ya!

Daniel and Cerissa said...

Praise the Lord! We are so happy for Lucy and the relieved Momma and Daddy :)
What a journey it has been the last year... and the ride goes on ;) You will do great.

Keisha Valentina said...

Oh, that precious girl.

Praising Jesus along with you and continued prayers for the day to day.

Love to your family.

Goat said...

And you other lil ones are doing terrific. We had a splendid day. Love you!

Lori said...

Praise! This update really did my heart good tonight. What a journey you've been on this past year - and how clearly you've seen God's hand in your life. Love you!!

Olson Family said...

Love you! Praying... and praising God with you on this journey!