Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Good Life

Grandad came for breakfast! The whole world tilts his direction, his celebrity status firmly attached to Grammie. She spoiled us all to the tips of our toes yesterday. {Sigh} Sure nice being a daughter.

Now, quarter past nine, Jane is curled up in a blanket nest. Upset tummy.

Jack is in the kitchen preparing banana slices. He dumps all in a froggie bowl, scurries for Jane's nest. All she needs is a little bell.

Lulu has explored the bananas, ate most of one trashed it, and stuffed one down the hose of the shop vac. Her face is rather dusty.

I'm eating a blueberry poptart.

Life is good.


Candice said...

I always knew when I was pregnant because I started craving pop tarts which I rarely eat otherwise. :)

Goat said...

A POPTART! A classic indulgence, even if it's not that good, it's good enough!

Ben and Rachelle said...

Life at your house... it always makes me laugh! Sounds like Lulu has figured out how to make her own fun, too!! Glad you enjoyed your sugar-filled, fake fruit treat!! Haha!

Pig Woman said...

Hey, but a highly fortified sugar-filled, fake fruit treat. (snort)

Craig and Bethany said...

Amen, Pig Woman! Any chance they make highly fortified Reeces Pieces? Maybe I better stick to the occasional Poptart... :)

Olson Family said...

Fake blueberry treats, smushed banana and dusty faces, chivalrous brothers, pampered little ones in nests... It IS a good life!

Thanks for causing me to smile, to stop to notice the sweetnesses in my space, too. {satisfied sigh}