Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Decade

The man who lassos the moon again and again.

His arms reach as wide as the sky and as deep as the sea.

He leaves for work each day in a chorus, "Stay, Daddy! Daddy, can you stay home?" We wave until he is out of sight.

He makes our boy want to be a man, all courage and muscle. And our girls beg for lullaby in his arms. Daddy's long shadow encircles us with safety. And a view. Oh my. The whole world is good triumphing evil.

No wonder, a decade ago, this husband-man of mine parted the sea of possibilities.

Here's to ten years since we met!


Goat said...

So glad you found each other. So glad you decided he really isn't too perky for you. HAHAHAHA.

Pig Woman said...

You got yourself a treasure, Bethany. Seems like only yesteday the Aunties were putting him through "The Grilling" to see if he was good enough for our sweet Bethany. Let's see:

OK Craig, you are over for dinner at the in-laws and you find a dog hair in your pecan pie. You:

A. Yell in disgust--"I found a dog hair in my pie!!!"--wave the offending hair around for all to see, and then go loudly hurl in the bathroom.

B. You keep quiet but decline to finish your pie, and then go quietly hurl in the bathroom.

C. You carefully cut out the offending hair but, hey, its good pie, so you eat all around it.

D.Consider it just another condiment and are thankful for the extra protein.

I believe he filled in his own answer to that question. haha But after "The Grilling" I knew beyond a doubt that that man really loved you or he never would have put up with such obnoxious aunties. I am real glad we gave him the Pass. (snort)

EP Hemingweigh said...

Nor do I know what the answer was however, now knowing the Aunties a little better, I would have to say A for the humor and D for real. After all, we presently have 5... yes, 5 doggies living at our house. Anyone want a dog??? or 2?

Your statement at the end says it all, "The Grilling" was benign (and fun!). I love Bethany with all my heart, and I am blessed by the richness of amazing heritage and family all around. Hats off to you!

Daniel and Cerissa said...

You two were made for each other!

Lori said...

Beautiful post, girl! Celebrating these little anniversaries is so fun. Hope you have lots of laughs together today. :)

Julagay Blog said...

Happy Anniversary! And congrats on your upcoming little one!

Ben and Rachelle said...

How special!! Truly something to be proud of! We love both of you!