Sunday, April 12, 2009

His Hand is as BIG as the SKY

(Click on pic for a larger image.)

(Click on pic for a larger image.)


Goat said...

A child wields art with un-self consciousness. More than the alloted two dimesions, more power than simple illustration. More inclusion than I would have allowed.

Take a lesson.

Rose Emily said...

Oh my goodness these photos are soooooo awesome! Love it love it love it!

Olson Family said...

Makes me want to go draw a picture for Jesus.

Hug Emma for me and tell her I said thank you for her inspiration. It's just EXACTLY what I needed!

Daiquiri said...

How precious. I love how you note what the little artist describes - great idea. Those are some pages for the keepsake box!

Thanks so much for your participation in the LDS post I put up yesterday. Not getting much input from any LDS folks - I'm getting the impression that they all decided to brush the dust from their feet when it comes to me and my blog. Bummer - I was looking forward to their input and conversation. Who knows though...I suppose God will bring those who should be there.

Have a great day :)