Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Blues

Well, our family has expanded again. The newest members arrived a week ago Friday at the church Fall Festival. Not twins, though strikingly identical: generic goldfish. Jane and Jack received small orange, and quite ugly goldfish on our way out of the festival. Yes, the children love these little fishies with all their hearts.

On the way home we made some stops and completely forgot about the fish. We left the little buggers in our vehicle for a full week, until their bags began to leak all over. No kidding, the fish were still alive and doing fine, wonderful, no swimming on their sides or back floating. I still pitched the big-fishie-bowl-in-the-sky idea, but Craig brought 'em in and gave them my giant hurricane vase. Oh man! Old softie. Well, I guess if you are going to try and like something it is a good idea to place it in a giant hurricane vase.


At lunch, I did break down and give the little orangies a sandwich crumb which they very ungratefully would not eat. Jack tried dripping a little cereal milk in at breakfast the next day.

After a week of dieting they remained on hunger strike, so we broke down and splurged on a lifetime (we hope) supply of food for $1.99.


Lori said...

Do they have names yet? Or are you going to discourage them to get too attached. You'll have some teachable moments when those suckers die!

Heather said...

1 WEEK in the car and they were still alive! Amazing! What is the life expectancy of a goldfish anyway?

The Lochheads said...

STOP! They were in the car for a WEEK?!? That is a hilarious story! I also love that they were offered bread crumbs and cereal milk and turned their noses up to them. Picky goldfish! Apparently they wanted fish flakes on a silver platter! :) Love your kids and your words. You have such a gift with both. :) LE