Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Blues

We flushed goldfish number one. Did anyone else know that they are cannibals? Either that or it was just a really wild game of tag. And, then little Timmy Tiptoes got tired and took a super long nap at the bottom of the fish vase. The other guy kept giving him kisses that left little bite marks. Craig grabbed the dead one out with his bare hands and hello, toilet!

I guess Jack won't be chiming, "I wuv you, fish. I wuv you, fish..." every half-hour for long. I can't imagine Mr. Mean Fishie will outlast our life time supply of fish flakes.

Lulu never was too impressed with the goldies.


Goat said...

The look on Lulie is hysterical--appropriate caption!!

Lori said...

What a gorgeous picture of Lulu! Those red lips! That cute shirt I remember Emma wearing! Precious.