Sunday, June 17, 2012


"Done. Done. Momma all done." Myra bellows from the bathroom.

I sigh. Anchored to the couch nursing Joe, I stroke his cheek.

"He is just sooo cute," Lulie croons over him, a rocking ship at elbow.

"Forgive me?" Myra blusters from the hallway. "Momma, forgive me? All. Done."

"Just wait, I'm nursing Joe. Just hold on." I sigh again, look at my watch. Little piglet is so hungry. Lucy waggles his arm. I pull him close.


"Ok." I sigh.

Lucy pulls her head out from under my elbow, slides off the couch, and turns her big eyes to me, "I know," she says, "I know how we could make the emergency go away," she tilts her head. "Everybody could just scream," she says. She blinks.

I laugh. I shake my head and laugh. "Oh, Lucy." She grins, plops on the ottoman at my feet. "Just a minute, Myra." I smile into Lucy's eyes, rock Joe in the crook of my arm, and hope Myra made it to the potty.

So we grab the loose ends and weave them into our morning. Another moment all newborn and wailing lands in our lap.


3221. Craig gives Lucy a sip of Sprite. "This pop is FUZZY," she says.

3222. I hear Jack come in the back door, two fresh eggs in hand. "Thank-you, Lord," he whispers.

3223. The kids and I peel hard-boiled eggs. We gather around the sink and clunk and peel, rinse and check for shell. I fry bacon. We visit over our day.

3224. We sit under the overhang of the house and watch a thunderstorm pass by.

3225. Algae green scarf with flopping fringe, blushing pink scarf, lilac shirt.

3226. I sing Jesus Loves Me to quiet Joe. I pat his back and sing it again and again all off key and perfect. Jack slips in beside me and sings along.

3227. Jane runs around town with Gramma then has a date down on the farm.

3228. She picks wildflowers up on Tekoa Mountain with Grampa.

3229. I trounce Craig in two games of Canasta before he skunks me in the third. We laugh and eat popcorn, drink coffee, run the afternoon long.

3230. We celebrate 12 years of marriage. We go to the Olive Garden for tradition's sake. When our server suggests the key is to marry the one you love, Craig responds, "Yeah, and love the one you marry."

3231. Lucy congratulates us on our "university".

3232. I get to shop for anniversary and Father's Day gifts with my mom. We talk and laugh and map out all things important. We compare notes. I ask for advice. And when we talk about trials she says the thing to remember is that they are worth it.

3233. Worth it. I remember writing this on a piece of terra cotta pot last summer right before we discovered we were pregnant with Joe. Worth it, yes, so worth it.

3234. I ask Jane to help Lucy wash her hair and find Lu decked out with goggles for the job.

3235. Lucy prays, "And Jesus, thank-you that God is never out of us. Amen."

3236. Two new button-down shirts for Craig and picture frames for family photos.

3237. Craig stakes fifty tomatoes by hand. The last few he shimmies up with rebar.

3238. The kids help me re-arrange our collection of striped rocks into stepping stones through the vegetable garden.

3239. I plan Father's Day surprises for Craig. I call my dad. Craig calls his. I reflect on the wide footprint of faith my dad has left in my life, indelible. I marvel at how I watch him still to see the rim of faith in the next seasons.

3240. I discipline myself to sleep more.

3241. I stop to enjoy this season where all things go slow.

3242. I watch for opportunities to tell the children that their contributions to our family are important and appreciated.

3243. We begin to teach the kids to obey each other. I'm surprised at how they become less demanding instead of more and how the olders swell with love and protection for the youngers.

3244. We pray for wisdom leading our children and find the Lord gives more love for each other and strength and courage to stay the course.

3245. Craig makes me laugh every day. It feels so good to laugh.


Alisa said...

Worth it. Thanks for that.

Jeff and Naomi said...

I too needed to be reminded that the trials are worth it. Gonna go get the sidewalk chalk out and write it in a few key places. Happy Anniversary!

Nacole said...

oooh, beautiful, Bethany, it always is. your life, your kids--you know how, with your loving mama heart, to articulate the sacred wrapped up in it all. im inspired once again. blessings on you all and new baby.

Goat said...

# 3243 I love when we have come to expect a bad result--when actually there is a good result. Learning to obey someone else. The expectation in our culture is that this diminishes our power. Rather, it creates respect for power. Big difference.

Sylvia said...

Beautiful! Your post reminds me of when all my chidden were little. Lots og love plus a little chaos

Heather said...

Joe is simply delicious, as are all your other tiny people :)
Thanks so much for the written prayer, Bethany. Mom needs it. We're trying to have her moved to a better hospital for her rehabilitation. Please pray we'll have favour!
God bless you abundantly.