Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Woman in Blue

"She's being rude." Jane leans her face to my ear, gestures at a woman on stage.

I nod, furrow my brow. Myra snores on my lap. Jack flaps the sermon outline like a flag. Jane frowns at the woman in powder blue.

The woman in blue huffs and slouches next to her green purse. She makes her words sharp, her chin jutted -- a crisis of faith. A sketch. Jane measure out the woman's gestures, traces the arc of the her eyebrows, and cross of her arms, the staccato of anger.

Her story circles like a raven in flight. Jane watches the trajectory, her lips parted and brow furrowed. The story lilts in softly. Adults clap, nod.

The moment broken, I feel Jane at my shoulder. Oblivious to applause and grown-up nods, she leans to me, face in my ear. "She was the rudest person I have ever seen," Jane says.

On the way to the car she wants to know, "Was that woman just pretending? 'Cause that was so disrespectful."

"Yes, it was a sketch. She was trying to show us what happens when we believe a lie."

"Oh." She steps over a puddle. "I still don't really think it was a good idea to be so disrespectful up there."

The kids and and I trundle over parking lot gravel. I turn her words over in my mind and marvel at how the research is true. Kids internalize what's modeled. The model is the message.

And while I weave the pastor's sermon and woman's sketch together for her to see, it's just a footnote to her.


1777. A gallery meeting, Jane and Jack quiet at my elbow, how they insist that they love coming.

1778. Jane in the tundra of spelling homework, "I don't know what's come over Jack, but he is being all SWEET."

1779. How Lucy assimilates whole pages of letters and shapes intent to do homework like Jane and Jack.

1780. Her serious voice, "Mom, I put my finger in my mouf, and it hurt. That was a good lesson."

1781. My insistence that the kids fold towels on the couch because I don't like to dry off with dirty towels and Jack's cheerful, "I can dry off with dirty towels no problem."

1782. How Jane and Jack spar over noise levels during school and Jane ends with, "I wanted to say, KNOCK IT OFF, but I knew I would get in trouble so instead I said, Jack I love you."

1783. How when I leave a note on the chalkboard for the kids before bed, they answer with a note in the morning.

1784. Jane resorting to, "I have to tell on you, BOY," when Jack steps on her last nerve.

1785. Taco soup with sausage and cajun seasoning.

1786. Jack's question during math, "What does, DON'T MAKE A PIG OF YOURSELF, mean?"

1787. And how he peeks around the corner at Jane doing spelling, "From time to time can I go see how Jane is doing and tell her GOOD JOB?"

1788. Lucy's conclusion, "Two plus two equals ORANGE."

1789. Jack trying out theology, "Lucy, you are NOT home." How they spar at the kitchen table over who is home and Jack trumps with, "No, HEAVEN is your HOME."

1790. Her follow-up, "Jack YOU can take care of my plate."

1791. How he does.

1792. Raspberry pie, the kind that Gramma makes and ends up in brilliant streaks on Myra's face.

1793. A whole freezer full of farm fresh meat.

1794. Jane's gratitude, "Dear God, thank-you for our family and how I like all the people for different reasons. Thanks that I get to have people that I love in my family. Amen."

1795. Jack's report, "I'm at least a little bit close to God everyday."

1796. The six of us gathered in my doctor's ultrasound room for another peek at sweet baby boy, 26 weeks now and doing well.

1797. Four boxes of hand-me-downs!!

1798. Jack's prayer, "God, thank-you that we have clothes so we can be modest."

1799. Learning the liturgy of going to bed early.

1800. The rest that ensues.

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Gloria said...

You're children are SO adorable!!!!!!!

I love your blog. I found it through friends of friends of friends and I've been following for maybe a year now!

Is Jack very happy your baby is a boy?! CONGRATULATIONS, by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff and Naomi said...

I think it was just a day or so ago when Jeff came behind me and quietly reminded me of Prov 15:1 as my answers to the kids were not very soft. Blessed by 1782! And those chickens! :) Enjoyed those pictures!

Abi said...

Hi! I just found your blog while looking through the links at A Holy Experience. I'm doing the joy dare too! LOVE your blog! Following you now!

Daniel and Cerissa said...

Haha... I loved Lucy's addition... classic third born ;)
Also, are those your chickens?! Holy cow, it has been a long time! They have become huge since the last time we saw them!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Ann @ A Holy Experience. I really enjoyed today's post, I love your pictures - aren't chickens the greatest.

amanda d said...

You son and the chicken ... made me smile!

Goat said...

Two plus two DOES equal orange. I knew it! Math made visual and poetic. Sharing the the orange with Lucy today.

Blue Cotton Memory said...

I love what little girls bring to the dialogue - how they gentle the boy's world. I love that you write a note at night and they reply in the morning. Simply Beautiful Blessings - all of them!

Rebecca said...

Such sweetness! Your daughter is so insightful and your son, well....I just don't know what has come over him because he is being so SWEET! LOL Rejoicing in your thankfulness today and on the path of transformation myself through 1000 gifts.

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! 1782. I can't take the sweet personality (not to mention the self-control). Precious.
And... yay for Jack!

Short Poems said...

Lovely post, beautiful pics.

Tara said...

I so love this list!

emily wierenga said...

i love the way children tackle life head-on. they grab it with both hands and make it accountable. make us accountable.

Rachelle said...

A really, really good reminder for me that we are indeed models for our children. I saw the drama too, and I love how Emma took that at face value. Definitely more than one lesson to that story!

I love how the kids interact with eachother, granting grace and saying it like it is all at the same time! And wowzers...those chickens are huge! Love you!