Monday, March 28, 2011


"Jesus," Jane prays, "help us to be generous. Help us to just give and give until we have nothing."

The children clatter on. I catch my breath.

Our Bible lesson, it said, bring in the tithe, and, test me in this, and floodgates of heaven. But I didn't realize she'd offer him everything.


723. Squeals and clatter, the children with friends.

724, New history and math studies.

725. Laps we pound with the children 'round an old horse track down the road.

726. A conference and the uninterrupted cadence of adult talk.

727. How Rockie's cast looks just like a cute pair of purple pants.

728. Lulie's comment, "Horses don't WIPE," as she gestures to a pile of meadow muffins and points out there's no toilet paper in the barn.

729. Jane's confession about snooping at Grammie's and how she says, "I'm glad you made me tell Grammie. It made everything right."

730. How husband and kids rake out the garden, fill the green garden bin, and then change Rosie's poopy diapers for a whole day while I'm gone.

731. Left over tortellini, olives, peas and conversation -- dinner after the kids are in bed.

732. Husband's daily confidence for God's provision.

733. Fresh strawberries, black grapes, whip cream.

734. Awkward little honest-truths that slip out in conversation, little markers of truth-telling.

735. Resolve to be honest in all things.

736. Recent advice: make radical decisions based on your faith and live them out in front of your kids. Infect them with your faith.

737. How Jack peeks over my shoulder to see a "silent E" when I explain them to Janie.

738. How Lucy says, "No, you're a carrot!" when I call her a parrot.

739. How Rosie finally signs please, coy head tilt, and wide smile included.

740. Tomato seeds sprouted.

741. Impromptu day off with Craig and the kids and wind and sun and Gramma and Grampa and Great-Grammie.

742. My numb heart still afraid I'll have to give everything.

743. How faith seeps in.

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Goat said...

Giving everything. Is it free fall or flying? Our intellect hopes for flying but I wonder if the real joy of flying is that it often feels like falling...but with a better end.

Wandering On Purpose said...

#736 - I needed to read that today. And in my case, not just for my kids to see, but for others in my family as well.
Thanks for the laugh as well. Horses don't wipe gave me quite a chuckle.

See Jamie blog said...

What a wonderful list. Love the little quotes from your children. And #736 is something I've been thinking on lately, too.

Lori said...

I can see why you love that carrier - so cute and obviously already well-used! I'm glad that you enjoyed Saturday. :)

Daniel and Cerissa said...

I'm catching my breath with you too...

We love pounding the dirt around that old racetrack too! (and also checking out the WELL house, cause, you know... we are an engineer family ;)

Craig and Bethany said...

Oh yes, the WELL house. It's practically an art gallery to you engineers! Haha.

Jenna said...

What a lovely blog! Love much to be said for a husband trusting in God's provision for his family. Thank you for sharing your list...blessings...jenna

CoffeeisMyLoveLanguage said...

That is a fantastic pumpkin carrier;) I was sure the last one said "faith sleeps in" ha ha, seeps is even better:)


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Giving everything! Wow! Leave it to a child to pray that one for the whole family. I was so touched by that, and once again, wonder when in the world I lost my child like faith that He would always care for me, no matter what? The honesty of your children is soooo real that it's downright funny!!! Love the horsey poop thing!

emily wierenga said...

bethany... this is all, all, all i want for my children. to pray this prayer.

Adina said...

She prays dangerously. (In the good sense.)

my name is kimberley said...

coming to here to read your heart is always one of my favorite places to be. thank you for the beauty and vulnerability of your heart.

Heather said...

Meadow Muffins? Oh-my-word! Literally.
I've GOT to use that one.
As for your everything else, including photos... you never disappoint.
Wish you wrote more... no pressure :)

Mo & Barbi said...

It sounds like you're reading the book "Radical"...?? I loved that book! Great read, and even better application ;)
We've been living out "a life of faith" up here, and though it's hard at times, it is so extremely rewarding, and I've never been closer to my God. It's pretty intimidating when you think about "giving everything", but so freeing once it's put into action! Think about it; there's nothing left to trust in except for the Creator of the Universe!!! It up to Him to provide now! and since He promised, He will deliver (and He has never once not!).
Also, think about the widow with the 2 mites.. the boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish... they gave everything they had for the work of our Lord, and were immensely blessed. :)
Sorry, totally writing a book here in the comments section. Just wanted to encourage you. :)
also, don't know if you've heard of George Muller, but I bet you would really enjoy reading his story. God has used him to deeply impact our life.
I love you Bethany!