Sunday, February 27, 2011


"If you mess up everything in your life," I say, "but you say, 'Yes,' to Jesus, it's like you did everything right in my book." Jane hugs my shoulder. We snuggle down in pink fleece, fringe knotted at the edges. "But if you do everything perfect and still say, 'No,' to him, it's like you failed everything."

She rubs her cheek against my arm. "Oh." I smell her hair, kiss the crown of her head. "Can you tell me another story?" she says. "Just do the first one that comes to your head, ok?"

"Hmm, ok." Moses. The ten commandments, a golden calf, thunder, lightening, and glory. Glory. Moses hides his face. All that glory shining out of his face and the people are terrified -- a veil for all the glory. Just a glimpse of God, he's changed unmistakable. Just a glimpse.

Somewhere between the golden calf ground to powder, poured in the drinking water and Moses' face aglow, I hear it. There on bottom bunk, snuggled under denim quilt, Jack. Whispered like wind, "Yes. Yes, Jesus," he says. Yes.

Just a glimpse.


635. Twenty and Ten, twenty French children who hide ten Jewish ones, parents dead by the Nazis.

636. Jane's command, "Read, Momma, READ."

637. Crisp red seedless grapes.

638. A Springbok of parrots, all 500 pieces puzzled together with little kid hands.

639. Salted caramel ice cream sauce and husband by the fire.

640. A book light.

641. Selling clothes and bedding we don't need.

642. How Jack covers me in kisses before and after I tell Daniel in the Lion's Den.

643. How husband refuses to be offended by me. Or anyone.

644. How he secretly tries to make Saturday a sabbath for me and does practically everything for me, except breathe.

645. That salted caramel sauce on cereal.

646. Sourdough cheese crisps.

647. Lulie's remark, "The paper towel sucked up the owie-ness on my finger," when she cuts herself.

649. Cutting coupons while the kids cut flowers out of old magazines.

650. February birthday party for Craig and Rose Emily.

651. Gravelly croup cough almost gone.

652. Bed and warm covers calling my name.

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Goat said...

Somewhere between the golden calf and Moses' face all aglow you became the most magnificent story teller EVER. Perfect prose.

Mister Craig acts out the book of James--the part that says faith without works is dead. He, more than anyone I know, acts out his faith. It is not "works" for him, his works are pure love. The language of love and faith being an action.

Lora said...

Gorgeous photographs!
and salted carmel ice cream sauce? YES PLEASE!! :)

Thanks for sharing your list at Ann's.
Have a blessed week FULL of abounding counted gifts from above.
In Him.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm just so glad I stopped by today. Story telling has to be the most wonderful gift, and one that is never forgotten by a child! Even I was all wrapped up in what you were saying and found it wonderful!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your list today. I feel so blessed!

emily wierenga said...

oh bethany.

the kingdom comes to such as these...

and i'm crying.

Adina said...

I love his heart.

Brandee Shafer said...

goooood grieeeeeef (i'm reading backwards)