Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Plain Life

"You're always pretty, Momma," Jane announces one morning. "Even if you were uglier than ugly, you're still pretty," she says.

I catch Daddy's grin, "Aw, thanks," I say.

Later, Jack jangles down the hallway. "I saw happiness in her eyes," he says, "and I knew she was grinning at me," he cries. He points to Rosie, hops with both feet onto the living room rug.

"I feel the bump on your tummy," Jane adds. "It always just seems to be there, even a year later, and even when you're not pregnant," she hugs me around the waist. I smooth her hair.

Later, bedtime and prayers, we collect in the bedroom. "Jesus," Janie prays, "help us to love you more tomorrow. One reason." She pauses, rubs folded hands on her forehead, "You made us," she says. "And we love you. Amen."

They cuddle into blankets. I swing into bottom bunk. "I like the boy you are growing into," I say and snug my arms around Jack.

He clicks the flashlight off, "I like the girl you're growing into," he says. I kiss his forehead and smoosh my cheek against his. The moment fades and the night wisps away like a puff of air.

And so, another week, here it is. May the moments greet us pretty and full of love.

After all, he made us.


487. Sister-in-laws, three. And how they've eased me into cloth diapering. Yes, I never thought I would do this.

488. The astounding number of diaper related things you can actually MAKE.

489. And that I like it.

490. A big dinner of fried chicken and fixin's at Grampa and Gramma's house. Football and cheering and knitting.

491. Friends that my kids say are so easy to have around, ones whose daddy grew up in Kenya and momma came from Minnesota, but they live here now.

492. Hand-me-downs, the kind with bright colors and nice lines.

493. A wood stove with a belly full of wood.

494. Family dates where we pass m&m's around the car and wheel around town making errands.

495. Clam dip.

496. Curtains made of canvas drop cloths.

497. Kids' shoes mostly put away.

498. Jane's new game where Saturday night we brainstorm ideas on how to be on time Sunday for church.

499. Monday Night Game Night.

500. Old Maid and how Lulie tries to get the Old Maid and holds on to her real tight if you start to draw that card.

501. The wild ruckus of cousins and how Janie is learning to look out for her brother.

502. How Logan tells everyone he and Jack are on the WATER TEAM since they both had water at dinner.

503. And how Lulie screams every time Thad pretends to be a wild elephant that bites people.

504. A pair of striped pants I'm knitting for Rosie.

505. The hope that every day we're a little more the people God wants us to be.


Anonymous said...

Love your children's quotes :) -another Bethany

an ordinary mom said...

"out of the mouths of babes" indeed! Such precious memories you're capturing.

GlowinGirl said...

Kids shoes mostly put away -- yes, I get that! ;)

Your children's thoughts are priceless, and it's so important to record them so that they can appreciate them some day. What a gift to give -- that and your gratitude.

Giving thanks with you!

Goat said...

#498 made me laugh out loud. Janie--she is a peach.

Another Monday falls into place as I read your blog. Love you!

Audra said...

SOOO excited you are doing cloth diapers. I did a little bit with Jeffrey, but with the new one I want to use that as my main source. I will be coming to you with questions when that starts :)

Craig and Bethany said...

Awesome, Audra. It's always more fun in groups! We'll have to talk. :) And super-happy-congrats, again!!

Melanie said...

Beautiful, beautiful! You have a GIFT, sweet friend. I always look forward to your posts.


Melissa Campbell said...

Pure delight! I needed an infusion of joy today. Thank you, friend.

the o's said...

love the stories (as always) and love that you are cloth diapering!! i did that starting when wes was about 8 mos old until he potty trained. glad to hear you are enjoying it.. it's pretty rewarding i think!!

emily wierenga said...

there is SO much in this... so much, that tore at me. first of all i love the flowers in your girls' hair... i love the unconditional love in your children's voices. the way they pray to Jesus. it all makes me long to hear aiden speak. love to you, beautiful friend. don't ever stop writing, please.

Rachelle said...

I just love hearing about all the cute, sweet, hilarious things that come out of the your children's mouths. I know that when I come to your blog I can always expect a laugh and a bit of inspiration. Thanks, friend!

Mo & Barbi said...

Bethany- you are amazing! Truly inspiring. :)
Love you. Love your blog. Love that you're CDing. Love that you LOVE the Lord!!!

Brandee Shafer said...

I need #498 help?