Thursday, June 10, 2010


"Momma, I think I know what Lucy did," Jane tip-toes into my bedroom.

"Oh," my eyes still closed.

"She put her hand in her diaper."


Later Lulu bites Jane, a nice circle imprint. She screams. Lulu cries. Jack retreats. I reorder the chess board of our morning.

Before baby Rose wails for Momma, I hear whispers in the sun-room. Jane and Lulu cuddle cheek to cheek. "I still love you, Lulu," Janie lulls. Lulie sucks her thumb, pats big sister's cheek.


Goat said...

When to rat on someone, when not. Acting out in anger and finding forgiveness. Learning how to cope and control ourselves--what better place to learn that than the family, where love covers all without even thinking about it.

Lori said...

What a sweet post. And the "chess board of our morning" was such a great example of your way with words - and kids. You're a great mom!

Tightwad In Training said...

Loved the post. Thank you for sharing! :)

Ben and Rachelle said...

Love this post, love your momma's comment, and love the photo of Emma. Love radiates in your home, girl!

Heather said...

Aw, pure sweetness.
Love the photo.

suzy said...

Made me want to cry this one.... don't know why :)
Reminded me of a day here not so long ago.
Children are beautful teachers of reconciliation aren't they.

Your writing is just lovely.

Mo & Barbi said...

The exchange of little words and actions taking place between siblings is so precious to witness (when it's loving, not so much the other side!!).
You paint such great pictures, and wow! that picture of Emma is stunning! Beautiful!
Love you, Bethany!