Wednesday, July 22, 2009


"I'll give you a treat if you poop, but you have to do it in the little DISH." Yeah. The DISH. The lab gave us an upside down "top-hat" to fetch stool samples from the children. Stool samples, that's right. Guess who got to do the fetching. Did I mention Craig is sporting a strain of African Ghiardia? Oh, and one of the wee ones displayed an awesome spread of diarrhea, fully clothed, even shoes. The clean-up involved a plugged bathtub, lots of bleach, gagging, and my saintly mother. Let's just say I love bleach. And my momma.

They diagnose ghiardia with a stool sample - AKA, no stool sample, no medicine. Apparently the human body will sustain the entire life cycle of the amoeba. Indefinitely. Sooooo, hence the stool samples.

Of course the chillin's wanted to WATCH. Latex gloves, funny scoops, collection cups, I mean who wouldn't?! And Mom's on RED ALERT, the kids GIDDY. Giddy-up.

Then again, at least we can get meds. When the little African babies get this they die. Perish the thought.


Lori said...

We are blessed, pure and simple!

Still, I feel for you, my friend! Hope the quarantine is over soon so we can come play with your sweet pups and kiddos. :)

Daniel and Cerissa said...

I agree with Lori, we are so blessed to have medical care to rid ourselves of these problems so easily. Thank you, Lord, for giving us yet another thing we don't deserve!

I feel for ya, though. Makes my potty training pale in comparison!

Pig Woman said...

I recall a day with puke AND diarrhea plugging my tub. Yes, one of life's treasured moments. I was so thankful it was in the tub and I had Clorox AND a plunger. It was almost as fun as when my three kids had a chain puke as all five of us were squished in the little old BMW with two dogs on the way back from Billings that one Christmas. Thank goodness one of the dogs had a likin' for puke. One minute it is all over the dash and ceiling, and the next, GONE. Let me tell you we drove home like a bat outta hell that trip. I'll tell ya, you haven't lived til you go through one of these things.

Craig and Bethany said...


Ok, I'm rolling down the isle now, hilarious. Thank the Lord for those doggies! :)

Haha,heee... gonna be snickering for a while.

Goat said...

Mama here--poor Jack thought of bugs like spiders when Bethany was trying to calm and sooth him saying--"oh, it's ok sweetie, you just have some bugs in you ..." WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

Olson Family said...

Oh my. I think I'm going to be sick. Seriously green here, ra-ra-ing you from the sidelines! You're such a CHAMP of a mother, Bethany!!

And thank You, Jesus, for medicine!! And rubber gloves. And bleach!

Praying for a quick healing over there!

Adina said...

I was chuckling as I read this until I got to the end and you punched me. Thanks for opening my heart up more to be thankful for my blessings & to be compassionate toward those that don't have them.