Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Africa Pt. 4

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I wait. Little grains of time brush over my face.


And Craig all the while continues life as if he never knew of a trip to Kenya, as if God hadn't closed the door because of me. I am jealous. His burden is light. He laughs easily.

And I wait.


A weight inside of me, now porous and rough, has rubbed angry spots smooth. Pumice. Bit by bit, a cavern of desire grows inside me all around the fear of him going to Africa. Somehow the wearing away has made a space inside larger. Still I wait. I release the extra lung full of air I've held in reserve. I breathe, awed at the deference God has given me.

I wait. Weightless.

Now, I see my move. It is an offering.

Child, do you want your name on something great?


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Goat said...

The last line says everything.

It makes me cry.

Lori said...

Beautifully put. :)

Pig Woman said...

People can tell me God loves me and that he is a kind and merciful God, but the words are stone cold dead to me until someone paints me a picture. You paint those pictures for me Bethany. And when I am working to think on what is pure and lovely and virtuous, I will now gaze at the picture you have drawn for me of God waiting, waiting patiently,not forcing your hand. Not mowing you over. Just offering. . . and waiting.

Tattoo Girl said...

Your transparency is remarkable.


Daniel and Cerissa said...

I love the story through the pictures of Emma. Great post!

Olson Family said...

Phew! ~deep sigh~ My dearest, dearest Bethany! So real. Raw. A beautiful example of what it means to be... His.